Residential CCTV Installation Services

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Residential Video installation services
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For over 25 years Spy Security Inc. has offered residential CCTV installation services on video cameras in Vancouver homes.  We offer free onsite quotes for camera systems and video system installations.  Spy Inc. is equipped to pre wire your home for security cameras, alarms, home theatre and home automation.  We have the proper tools and experience to professionally run cables throughout your home.  Everything we do is up to code and all cables and equipment meet low voltage requirements.  Once completed, our cabling will be good for decades and can be used again on future video system upgrades. We can professionally install cameras into any home. The ideal time to run wiring is when your interior walls are open during construction, so don't wait.  We provide complete low voltage networking, alarm and home automation project wiring for almost all low voltage equipment installations.

CCTV Installation Services During Construction

Are you starting the building process on a brand new home? If so, wiring for security cameras, home theatre and home automation now is a great idea.  Contact us before your contractor closes up the interior walls of your house  Save money by having us pre wire your house for all your future security camera, networking and security alarm or home automation needs.  Add cameras early and watch the construction process and then we can move them as needed once construction is completed.

Call Spy Security Inc. for a free quote on video installations services and pre wiring.  We provide separate quotes for completing any or all of your required security or video systems. Don't wait until the dry wall is up and the finishing has started. Contact us early for video cameras or low voltage wiring in your new home. If you wait too long it will only add costs to wiring alarms, wiring cameras, as well as home automation and home theatre. Get the wiring done early and you'll never have to look at cables again.

CCTV Installation Services On Renovations

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Are you starting or in the middle of a renovation at your home? Even if you are not sure if you need a security camera system, now is the time to do run the wires.  Pre-wiring your home adds value on resale and allows you to easily add these systems later when needed. Running cables during your renovation i inexpensive and will save you money down the road. Don't wait until your renovations are all done and everything is completely finished. Plan in advance to avoid the additional costs of wireless video systems or messy cable jobs.  Add what you want, where you want, when you want and you will get the best system at the best value.

A wired video security solution is always the first choice for quality, reliability, functionality and security.  Contact us today for a FREE no obligation quote. We can quote your video system, do the pre wiring and install the cameras. The most economical solution is to pre wire and come back with the cameras closer to your finishing date. When it comes to residential CCTV Installation Services, our quality and professionalism can't be beat.

CCTV Installation Services on Finished Homes

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Obviously the easiest time to install low voltage cabling is during construction or during a renovation.  However, in most cases we install cameras and cabling into existing homes that are already fully finished.  This is no problem for our experienced team of installation services experts.  Our wide variety of security solutions along with our vast experience allows us to solve almost any low voltage wiring issue.  We have the tools and the know how to get it done to your liking.  In most cases we can drop wires into existing walls.  Pulling wires through attic spaces and crawl spaces isn't a problem.

Unlike your local cable or phone company, we aim to hide all of our cables out of site.  No one wants to see those messy cables, and you certainly don't want to allow an intruder to access those cables.  Spy Inc's residential CCTV installation services are guaranteed to please even the most discerning of home owners.  We know that your home is a valuable asset, we'll do everything possible to keep our installations pristine.  Call us today to see what is really possible for your home's security and video security needs. What are you waiting for.