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Choosing the right CCTV wiring is important. Make sure you choose video wiring wisely as there are many options.  Not all CCTV wiring will work with every type of cameras. You may also want to consider your future needs. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing the CCTV cabling:

What type of security cameras are you planning to use (IP, HD-TVI, HD-SDI,HD-CVI or analog)?

When planning to install IP cameras one should use cat5e or cat6 cables.  Either type will work equally well and will allow for camera cable runs of up to 300 ft without need for extenders. Although IP cameras are a little more expensive, the technology will allow for the highest resolution cameras and full networking abilities. These small cables require only a simple ethernet connection and will allow POE (power over ethernet) and video signals to operate over a single cable run. Another advantage of the ethernet video cables (cat5e or cat6) is that it is forward thinking. If you decide to upgrade your cameras anytime in the future you can bet that this cable will support future technology.

If you are installing older cameras or if you are on a tight budget and want cost effective HD analog cameras (TVi is best) then you can run either cat5e or low voltage and RG59/RG60 cables. Then you simply need to connect power and video balons to complete the cables.

CCTV Cabling Environment

Will the cables be sitting in standing water or will they be buried underground?

If you know your video cables will be sitting in a puddle of water or run underground then you should consider outdoor cables. These cables are a little more expensive and a little thicker but are advised when significant exposure to water for extended periods of time is expected.

Do the CCTV wires need to be shielded from power sources?

When running CCTV video cables near high voltage wires or appliances you will need to use well shielded cables.   Ethernet cables have some shielding but can be further protected from power with conduit. This will ensure no power interruption of the video signal.  Alternatively you can stick with HD analog (ie. TVI) and use RG59. This coaxial cable is well shielded and will protect video signals from power interruption.

Will the cables need to be protected from vandals?

Are cables to be run in areas that will allow criminals to access them? If so then you should consider either hiding the cables or using metal conduit.  Protecting video cables from vandals is critical in certain high traffic, high crime and easily accessible areas.  A combination of hiding cameras and utilizing conduit is often the best approach to protect your CCTV wiring.

Picking the right home security system can be confusing 

Picking the right home security system can be confusing
Hidden camera installations made easy West Vancouver

Picking the right home security system

Picking the right home security system can be confusing  Which brand is better? Should I use a professional installer? Are all home security apps the same? What's the best security company? There's a lot to discover.

To save you time, and to help you when picking the right home security system, we've narrowed things down to seven essential things to know.

Don't worry about it... Picking the right home security system can be confusing if you try and do it yourself.... Talk to us today for more information....

Is it professionally monitored?

Professional monitoring is the gold standard of home security. If there's a break-in or fire at home, a professionally monitored security system sends an emergency signal to a 24-7 monitoring station, where a trained security professional is on hand to alert your local law enforcement or fire department.

Security systems are professionally monitored by you and us 24 hours a day, because there is no effective substitute for this service. You can't see every smartphone alert that a security system sends you, and if you're home in an emergency, your priority is to get everyone to safety. Picking the right home security system can be confusing

Will it withstand a burglar's toolkit? 

Not all security products are engineered equally. To ensure you don't entrust your safety to a security system that can be disabled with a hand tool, make sure it has:

Crash and Smash protection. A common burglary tactic is to smash a home's security panel to prevent it sending an emergency signal to the monitoring station.'s technology can recognize a crash and smash attack, and signal your monitoring station regardless.

Dedicated cellular connection. This type of signaling technology doesn't piggyback on your home's broadband or phone line, and so can't be physically cut by an intruder. All security panels have a dedicated cellular connection with battery backup for power outages.

How many sensors does it come with?

Contact sensors are home security essentials; small devices that detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, drawers and more. Some security systems come with as little as two contact sensors, which is a problem. Burglars don't just use the front and back door.

What else will this system protect you from?

New technology means that the best security systems can protect your home from far more than a burglar.  Picking the right home security system can be confusing

With the ability to respond to more dangers and challenges, even when disarmed, an system gives you more value in the long run.

What happens if something stops working?  

The most important thing about a security system is that it has to work when you need it. When you go it alone on a security or smart home setup, what happens when a device or component of the system needs professional attention?

With an however, help is always at hand. With advanced training, and online diagnostic tools, they can quickly troubleshoot your system. Many issues can be fixed remotely; other fixes can be carried out by a visiting technician.

Does it include smart home devices?

Smart home technology is the home improvement trend that's here to stay. The right security system will set you up with everything you need for a smart home. In fact, it's the easiest way to own one.

Picking the right home security system can be confusing 
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10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

Is a home security system really necessary or worth it? Here are 10 Reasons why you need a home video security system!!! 

What are the benefits or importance of home security camera systems?

10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

If all the questions about the importance of a home security system are bobbing in your mind, you are in the right place to figure out the answers here.

Benefits of home security cameras are clear. From preventing break-ins to calling emergency responders on your behalf, you should have a security alarm system in place.

Here are 10 reasons why every home should invest in and have a security video system today.

10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

10 Reasons Why You Should Need a Home Security System

Top 1. Protect and Secure Your Home with a Home Security System

The first reason why you should install a home security system is to secure your family and property.

Every 13 seconds a home burglary takes places, 4 burglaries a minute, 240 an hour and nearly 6,000 a day!

In the newest home burglary report, we’ve covered how often, how, and where the burglary would happen around you house and why home security is important. You can check to see all the statistics.

Installing a home security system means to protect your home and valuables, and to keep your family safe from potential break-ins by burglars.

FBI burglary rates of homes state that 1 in 3 homes without a security system will fall victim to a burglary as compared to 1 in 250 homes that do have a security system.

Here is the video footage captured by Reolink home security camera RLC-410.

An attempted burglary in London was caught in action.

And a thief was caught to break in a car and left when he saw the Reolink home security camera there.

“What security cameras should you need” is another time-consuming project, of course. If you want a recommendation, you can have a try on Reolink RLC-410, which is pop and featured in the top media, such as PCWorld, and TechHive. 10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

And if you want a security system, you can try RLK8-410B4. Here is the video footage offered by one user:

Top 2. Good for Fire Protection if You Have a Security System

Do I really need a home security system – while most people think of home security systems as a way to protect their homes from burglaries, what many people may not realize is that these systems can also protect homes from fires as well – a must, literally, to have a home security camera system.

About every twenty seconds a home fire is reported. A home security system can provide an early warning system for smoke in the home as well as warn of sources of the heat.

Heat detectors can be added to a home security system too. These detectors can determine if a fire is building in the area of the home and provide advanced notice of even the smallest of changes in heat. And that can prevent further damage from fire.

Fire Protection with Home Security

Top 3. Manage Electricity with a Home Surveillance System

The third reason why you need a home surveillance system is that it helps to manage electricity. A home security system can be used to monitor your home’s energy use.

How many times have we left our homes and realized that we left a hall light on or some appliance running? Remote access through the use of the home security system allows you to shut off the appliances no matter where you are. It can also be used to shut down heating or cooling devices when no one is home and to turn them back on just before you arrive.

10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

Top 4. Lower Home Owner’s Insurance Premiums

When you own a home, homeowner’s insurance is a necessity. And that’s closely related to the reason why you should need a home security. The cost of homeowner’s insurance varies based on coverage, payment options, location, insurance company, the type of home, as well as several other factors.

A homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to cover losses or damages that may occur as a result of several types of devastating events. While many first time homeowners do not pay much attention to the cost of their home insurance policy, it is important to note that most insurance companies will provide a large discount to home owners who have a home security system installed.

Lower Insurance with Home Security

Top 5. Protect You from “Odorless” Gas with the System

Another importance of home security system is that it can protect you from potential risks. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is odorless and colorless, and it is found in combustion fumes. This gas is released from heating systems, stoves, burning wood, and among other things. Since human senses cannot detect carbon monoxide in the air, people are often blind-sided by carbon monoxide poisoning that can build up over time.

Severe cases of carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death. A home security system can be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector as well. These alarm systems will detect high amounts of carbon monoxide in the home and alert the home owners, so that they can get out of the home right away and seek medical treatment for the possible side effects of this poisoning before it’s too late.

10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

Top 6. Remotely Monitor with Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

When traveling, you may worry about your home a lot. How to protect your home while on vacation? A home security and surveillance system provides homeowners with the ability to monitor your homes no matter where you are. This can provide a feeling of peace as you will be able to check on your home wherever you may be in the world.

10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

Top 7. Promote Home Automation with the System

Another reason why you should need home security camera systems is that they can help your home to be smart. In addition to the interactive services offered by home security system companies, there are now even more home automation services being offered as well.

These systems include light controls, door locks, thermostats, etc. all of which can be put on your schedule providing an additional level of security. You can learn how to automate your home security system.

10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

Top 8. Constantly Monitor Your Home for 24/7

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having a monitored home security system is that your home is being monitored at all times even when you cannot do it yourself. These systems offer 24/7 monitoring, and can track any significant events that occur at the home while you are away and dispatch emergency personnel if necessary.

10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

Top 9. Useful for Medical Assistance

Many home owners, especially those who live alone or are of an advanced age, may have concerns about medical conditions that they suffer from. A home security system can be equipped with emergency pulls or medical alert pendants that can be used in order to have emergency vehicles dispatched directly to the home when they are pulled. And that’s the importance of a home security system. The top 10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

Top 10. Provide Peace of Mind with a Home Security Camera System

Overall, the main reason why we need a home security system is simple — it provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that your family and your home are secure, whether you are at home or on the road.

When you are at home you can fully relax knowing that you are safeguarded from theft, vandalism, fire, and other threats. When you are traveling you know that your alarm system will alert the authorities should any problem occur at your home.Other Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Security/Surveillance System

There are other benefits of home security cameras:

• Protect your pet. It also helps to keep your pet busy while you’re not home.

• Increase your home value especially when it comes to selling your house.

• Home security systems with indoor and outdoor cameras enable you to view the inside and outside space of your home.

The top 10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

Pros and Cons to Have a Security System at Your Home

The top 10 Reasons why you need a home video security system

CCTV Security Licensing

CCTV Security Licensing

CCTV Security Licensing

There was once a time when virtually anyone could try and install a security camera or call themselves a security professional.  Those times have passed. CCTV Security Licensing is an important development in the BC Security Industry.

You don't want just anyone walking into your home or business. And you certainly don't want just anyone having access to your CCTV security cameras. Because of that, British Columbia has now implemented a CCTV Security Licensing program throughout the province. Therefor, all camera installers in BC must now carry valid Security Workers Licenses. All qualified camera installers in BC will have undergone background checks, fingerprinting, ethics training and other related training. All security workers will carry a license with them while working.  These CCTV Security Licenses must be renewed every 1 to 3 years depending on the individual.  There is also a strict code of conduct for all those workers falling under the CCTV Security Licensing program.

For more information about the CCTV Security licensing program or for updated rules and regulations please contact the BC Government directly. In BC, security licenses are also issued for Private Investigation Services, Lock Smith Services and Alarm Installation Services.