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Live GPS Tracking Devices

Spy Security Inc. offers the best GPS Tracking Devices in Canada. Our trackers are top quality and easy to use. Not only are our prices great, our service is even better. And we now use only untraceable SIM cards, so your anonymity is always protected.  Spy Security Inc. have Live Real Time GPS Tracking Solutions for almost any type of vehicle tracking or people tracking.  Now all our units are immediately available for purchase or rental.  So if you need a GPS tracker, GPS tracking solutions, Fleet Tracking, GPS people tracking, Asset Tracking or any other type of GPS Tracker, contact us today.

Spy Security Inc. has the latest GPS tracking solutions and tracker experience for any need. Therefor can help you get tracking from start to finish, usually on the same day. Live trackers are in stock and ready to use. Located on the north shore of Vancouver, BC we offer rentals and sales of many GPS tracker units. Only Spy Security Inc. has GPS experts ready to answer all of your GPS tracking questions.  Give us a call at 604-990-6667 today or contact us via email and get tracking.

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Rent or purchase Live GPS Trackers

Our new Extreme GPS Tracker is one of the newest and smallest long life Live GPS units available.  We only offer Live vehicle GPS trackers with the most powerful GPS Antennae. This allows this vehicle GPS Tracking Devices to work from almost anywhere under the vehicle. Track your car anywhere in Vancouver or Canada live from anywhere in the world over your smart phone or computer.

Its powerful built in battery offers up to 60 hours of continuous tracking.  Therefore most customers report a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks between needing to recover and recharge the tracking device.  When the target vehicle stops moving, the GPS switches to sleep mode to save power. This is the perfect GPS tracker for any vehicle tracking need.  The system is built into a rugged, water-resistant, sealed case. Each tracker also includes 2 strong magnets attached permanently to the housing to allows quick and easy installation anywhere on or in a vehicle.

Extreme GPS Tracking Devices Features:

  • Up to 60 hours of continuous movement and straight tracking
  • Can operate for up to 1 year in sleep mode (perfect for asset tracking & loss prevention).
  • Operates for up to 1 month ( 30 days) for an average driver commuting 1 hour per day
  • Sends a signal every 15 seconds while vehicle is in motion (adjustable)
  • Works well from even under the target vehicle.
  • Includes Sealed water-resistant housing with Magnet Mount
  • We are currently waiving all activation fees on this unit. (Regular $69.99)
  • Extra strong waterproof cases also available.

GPS Tracking Rates

Our GPS tracking packages come completely ready to go. They include an activated, untraceable sim card and will work anywhere in Canada or the US. All units include the first 3 months of unlimited GPS tracking. Our trackers can also be programmed to work in most other countries. We have sim cards for most areas on hand if you need tracking in any other country.  Please call for specific rates in other countries.

Canadian Monthly GPS Rates:

3 months:  $165.00 ($55 per month) unlimited tracking

6 months:  $300.00 ($50 per month) unlimited tracking

Call or text Spy Security Inc. at 604-889-4356 if you have any other questions about GPS Trackers or to order a GPS Tracking Device today.  We have many GPS trackers ready to satisfy your unique tracking needs.

These trackers are in stock and ready to use straight out the door.  We can come to you or have it delivered to you anywhere in the greater Vancouver area at no extra charge. All the GPS set up and GPS programming has already been done.  We give you the GPS unit, and the trackers link info and a unique password then you are ready to start tracking.  It really is that easy. No third party billing or credit card info kept on file. We don't do name or address verifications. Simply give us a call, make your payment and begin tracking today.

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