Security Camera Installations Services

Spy Security Inc. services all types of CCTV cameras and security camera systems. Contact us if you need need any surveillance system or related security services.  Our expert installers have experience with virtually all types of video and security systems.  Call us for IP Cameras, HD Cameras, CCTV Packages, analog cameras, wifi cameras and more.  We can work on video systems over coaxial, cat5e, cat6 or RG6, fibre optics, wireless over wifi or virtually any other medium out there. Whether its a new system you need or just a few more cameras added onto your existing system, call us first.

Security Camera Troubleshooting

Spy Security Inc. are experts at troubleshooting camera systems and re-networking any security camera system out there.  Our installers are familiar with virtually all security cameras, DVRs and NVRs and we have all the tools needed. We are also trained and experienced network specialists.  Our unique blend of experience and vast product knowledge will help you get your video system working properly again.  There isn't a brand or CCTV Video type we aren't familiar with.  Whether its a brand new state of the art IP system or an older outdated system, we can get it working for you.

Security Equipment and GPS Vehicle Tracking

We don't just offer a large variety of CCTV security camera options and related security items for sale.  We also offer some of the most accurate, simple and reliable Live GPS Tracking Systems available on the market today. So contact us to rent or buy a reliable, untraceable, live vehicle GPS Tracking Devices.  Spy Security can supply you with all your security product needs including GPS trackers, hidden spy cameras, CCTV replacement cameras, DVRs and NVRs or any other spy or security related products. We are always happy to hear from you.

Camera Installatin Services

Security Services - HD Solutions for less

We offer high quality HD analog and IP Camera Systems at very affordable pricing.  Upgrade to a 1080P, 2MP, 4MP or even 8MP Camera System today, Prices have come way down over the past few years and as a result professional security camera installations are now more affordable than ever.  For just a fraction of what it would of cost you for a lesser system just a few years ago you can now get 5 to 10 times the quality.  Law enforcement needs high quality images for prosecution.  Because of this, our professionally installed security camera systems make a big difference. If you intend to give the video evidence to police for suspect identification and prosecution, then you need one of our high quality professionally installed systems.

Not all Security Cameras are created equal.

Don't be fooled into thinking a cheap, all in one box, off the shelf video system will do the trick. Anyone who's ever had to deal with the police or the courts will tell you differently. Only high quality video images will work for prosecution of criminals. Most noteworthy, resolution, recording quality, format, functionality, night vision capabilities, lens options, remote viewing apps and ease of use all matter when picking the right system. These are just a few things we will consider before recommending the right system for your application.  Our vast experience and extensive dealer network puts us in a unique position to provide you with exactly whats needed.  Our experience is invaluable, so we can help you do it right the first time. What good is a camera system if its not installed correctly, at the right angles and programmed to work at its optimum in your unique viewing environment. Therefor give us a call today to find out how we can help. Onsite estimates are Free, get yours today.

CCTV Camera Comparisons

So what now...

Give us a call at 604-990-6667 or send us a text at 604-889-4356.  We can also be reached by email at  We will respond to your inquiry right away and we have installers ready to come out and quote your new system or get started installing it right away.