CCTV Cameras for your Home or Business

High quality CCTV Cameras are an important and integral part of any home security or business security solution. Because of this we've become experts on security camera solutions that work. However, not all security cameras are created equal and they are not all compatible with one another.  Spy Security Inc. offers top quality CCTV Cameras that will work with analog DVRs or digital NVRs.  We also have cameras that are compatible with HD DVRs including TVI, SDI, or CVI technologies.  Not sure what type of CCTV Cameras will work with your DVR, no problem.  Our experienced staff can help you sort that out quickly. Just give us a call at 604-990-6667, we've got the answers you are looking for.  Contact us for a free onsite security consultation for your home or business.

DVRs and NVRs

A camera system wouldn't be complete without a DVR or NVR.  For that reason DVRs are needed to record and connect analog or HD cameras to the internet.  DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder.  If you need the right DVR to complete your system or replace an old one, contact us today to find out which model would work best for your situation and existing equipment.

Similarly, NVRs work with IP cameras as opposed to analog or HD cameras.  An NVR is a Network Video Recorder.  Although some IP cameras can function without the need for an NVR, we always recommend using an NVR to complete your IP camera system. The large recording capabilities of an NVR far outweigh what a stand alone IP camera can do.  When it comes to reliability, length of recording, functionality and ease of use, nothing can compete with our newest high quality NVRs.

So call us today at 604-990-6667 for pricing or for a free consultation and find out what the best video solution is for your needs.