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Why an IP based system?

Although Spy Security Inc. installs many different types of security camera systems, nothing beats our newest IP Cameras.  Our state of the art IP cameras and NVRs offer the highest resolution, incredible night vision and amazing functionality.  Furthermore, these new IP camera systems are super easy to view on your smartphone,  PC , Mac or tablet.  Multiple remote users and users with different levels of access is also not a problem. These features make an IP system perfect for businesses or strata where you need to limit a user's access. All our IP systems's and NVRs are password protected.

Just as importantly, our IP camera systems will operate over a single cat5E or cat6 cable making them much easier for us to professionally install. We even have ways of connecting them on existing, outdated cabling, when needed. In some cases we can even connect one of your IP cameras to your existing network to a new onsite NVR without the need for its own wiring.  If wiring isn't an option and no wires exist, we also offer wireless IP camera solutions.

Spy Inc. is currently offering 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 6MP and 10MP IP cameras so images are incredible.  Variable camera styles, colours, shapers, zoom and lens options as well as resolutions can be incorporated into your custom IP camera system.  Many of the latest NVR models also offer 4K viewing resolution. Most noteworthy, all of our high definition IP camera systems, cameras and recorders now come with a 3 year warranty. So why not call us today for your free estimate, you won't regret it.

Why not just go with a cheap system?

Obviously almost any camera system will show you what happened, but thats usually not enough.  Only high definition camera systems give you exactly what you need. Our HD or higher IP cameras will identify the subject, pick up a license plate number, and allow for easy prosecution of the criminals. To be useful your video security system must be reliable, easy for you operate, allow for live remote viewing from anywhere, and record in high definition. Every system we install meets or exceeds these basic video security standards.

All of our IP based video systems are instantly viewable on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, and offer amazing live view and playback quality. View your home from your office over your PC or Mac.  Monitor your home's security cameras from your smartphone at a restaurant or while on Vacation. Spy Security Inc. and our experienced team of camera installers know exactly what solutions are possible.  We will offer you the best solution so you get exactly what you need.

Similarly, we fully support all of our video and low voltage systems for the lifetime of the product and are always able to help with any questions you may have. We offer free lifetime offsite tech support and are always available for on site troubleshooting or consultations. Contact us today for your Free Quote.  Why wait? Its a small investment compared to your home's value or the importance of keeping your family and property safe.