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Home Security done right!

Integrated Home Security:

Spy Security Inc. offers a variety of home security solutions for your house, condo or business.  We help home owners choose the right video security system or home security options to meet their needs.  Customers choose from a variety of integrated, easy to use, home security solutions and we install and service it all. Everything we offer is high quality, reliable and warrantied.  We have almost 30 years experience in this market.

Choose from one or several of our products and services.  We offer CCTV packages, covert interior cameras, visible cameras with audio, and night vision cameras. Similarly, we also offer alarms systems with features like smoke alarm, fire alarm, flood detection, entry alerts, and entry tracking.  Contact us for one or any combination of these systems. Hire us, we have the skill set, knowledge and experience to do it right.

Contact Spy Security Inc. today. Find out more about any or all of our reliable and economical home security solutions. Almost any budget restraints are accommodated .  Call us at 604-990-6667 for a free Estimate.  Customers are never disappointed with our quality security products and the professional service we provide.

Home Security Options:

Do you need a simple alarm system? Maybe one that will alert you with a siren when someones enters you premiss? In contrast. you may prefer to be alerted with a phone call from the alarm monitoring station. Or perhaps you want to receive a video clip of an intruder's entry right onto your smart phone. Everyone's needs and expectations are different. Spy Inc. knows this. For this reason our systems are fully customizable.  Customers tell us what they need and we make it happen.  Contact us today to see how Spy Security Inc. can help improve your home's security. We offer integrated alarm and video systems that allow you the piece of mind you and your family deserve.  Wouldn't you like to know that your home is safe and everything is as it should be.

Your new car isn't in the garage where you left it or the garage doors been left open. A home's basement is flooding and the owner's are away on vacation.  A child is getting home from school and there is an intruder is in the home. A neighbour has thrown garbage into your yard again but you can't prove it.  Our customers know the answers to these questions and have the tools to resolve them quickly.  An integrated security system will let you know that your home and family is safe and secure.   Our systems will also alerted you immediately to let you know when it isn't.  Wouldn't it be great if you knew too?

Custom Home Security:

Above all, your home's security is probably one of the most important decisions you can make for your family's safety. Is your home secure?  Unfortunately, our cities and neighbourhoods are becoming less and less safe. Don't let your home become a target!  We offer only high quality, reliable, economical video and alarm security solutions for your home or business.

Simply contact us today for your no obligation, free onsite Quote or Estimate. Our experienced, qualified, and licensed alarm and video installation professionals are always ready to speak with you.  We design, recommend, install and implement your custom home security security system to your liking.  Consequently our customers are always happy with their custom security system results.

Certainly you want to at least know what a professionally installed, high quality security camera or alarm system actually costs. Call us to find out, you will wonder why you waited so long. Even more important than price, we only work with licensed, qualified, security professionals.  With Spy Security Inc. you never have to worry about who you are dealing with. We look forward to hearing from you.