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Find a Private Investigation Services Provider near you.

Spy Security Inc. works with many of Vancouver's Security Industry leaders including licensed private investigators.  So we have developed strong relationships working with Vancouver's top PIs.  Investigators rent and buy our spy gear and GPS trackers regularly. As a result, we've been referring out PI's to our clients for decades  This experience allows us to recommend Private Investigation Service Companies that can best help you.  Most importantly, our clients are almost always satisfied with the results of these trusted PIs we recommend.

Not sure if you need a PI?  Many customers benefit from our industry knowledge. Spy Inc connects customers with reliable, experienced, licensed Private Investigation Services Companies. If you don't need a PI, we'll help you ourselves. We know which PI's are uniquely suited for your specific needs.  Spy Security Inc. will tell you which Private Investigators have the equipment and knowledge to help your situation.  Ask us which Private Investigation Services Company specializes in the areas of investigations you need.  Some PI's focus on domestic investigations while others deal primarily with ICBC and large corporations. Each firm is different, let us connect you with the right one.

If you are local and are looking for a good, reliable, greater Vancouver PI, here are a couple of our favourites.  Try Shadow Investigations or Axiom Investigations.  Tell them you are a customer of Spy Inc. and receive the best prices available. Both of these companies have been active in the local PI industry for decades, they really know their stuff.

What can Private Investigations Services do for you?

Are you having a private issue that you need help with?  Did you know that only a PI can legally check up on, follow and take pictures of your spouse, business partner, employee or wayward teen.  Unlike most people in BC, Private Investigators are not subject to to provincial Anti-stalking laws.  Therefor only a PI can legally monitor the subject without risk of a criminal stalking charge.

If we can't help you ourselves then Spy Security Inc. will connect you with associated security professionals who can. We can tell you which PI company has the best spy equipment. Also, which PI's have the right experience for your unique needs. Similarly we can also let you know how to make sure your Private Investigating Investment dollars are well spent.  Talk to us first, it could save you a lot of money. For that reason you should Contact us today with all your investigation needs. We are always happy to provide you with a free consultation. Or we'll connect you with the right affiliated Private Investigating Corporations.

So What Next?

Choosing a Private Investigator can be difficult, let us make it easier.  Spy Security Inc. knows and works with dozens of different PI's from across the province. They refer clients to us and we in turn refer clients back to them.  We'll always make sure you get connected with the right investigator with the right tools and skill set to get you results.

In conclusion, customers are always happy to hear about a local PI that can help them with investigations. We understand that no one wants to be in a position where they need to hire a PI. However, when you need one, the right one is indispensable.  Its usually well worth the investment. Regardless of the challenge, give us a call today and you may finally have the answers you've been looking for.