CCTV Security Licensing

CCTV Security Licensing

CCTV Security Licensing

There was once a time when virtually anyone could try and install a security camera or call themselves a security professional.  Those times have passed. CCTV Security Licensing is an important development in the BC Security Industry.

You don't want just anyone walking into your home or business. And you certainly don't want just anyone having access to your CCTV security cameras. Because of that, British Columbia has now implemented a CCTV Security Licensing program throughout the province. Therefor, all camera installers in BC must now carry valid Security Workers Licenses. All qualified camera installers in BC will have undergone background checks, fingerprinting, ethics training and other related training. All security workers will carry a license with them while working.  These CCTV Security Licenses must be renewed every 1 to 3 years depending on the individual.  There is also a strict code of conduct for all those workers falling under the CCTV Security Licensing program.

For more information about the CCTV Security licensing program or for updated rules and regulations please contact the BC Government directly. In BC, security licenses are also issued for Private Investigation Services, Lock Smith Services and Alarm Installation Services.

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