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Commercial CCTV Installations for New Construction

Spy Security offers commercial CCTV installations for new buildings at any stage of completion.  We've been installing cameras in greater Vancouver buildings for decades. The best time to start thinking about CCTV solutions is early in your building's construction. Get us involved early to ensure you, or your client, gets exactly what you want out of your system.  It will also ensure that we can hide all the cables into the walls and put cameras exactly where you need them.  Pre-wiring your building will certainly save you money on the installation costs. Not sure your building is ready to start being pre-wired for surveillance equipment, no problem. We are happy to come out early, take a look, make some recommendations and then come back later to get things started.

We can also retrofit almost any building for cameras. Sure its great if the building isn't finished yet but not to worry if it is. Our highly talented and experienced installers have many ways to fix cameras into existing commercial buildings. We've got expert conduit and PVC piping installers for undergrounds or to protect exposed wiring. We can retrofit a building using existing cameras. Or we will find a wireless solution that works. Guaranteed. So call us first. We've got lots of CCTV Packages that are perfect for commercial applications.

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Commercial CCTV Installations in Warehouses

Our CCTV installation experts have experience working in almost any environment. We have everything needed for Commercial CCTV Installations in Warehouse of any size or height. We've got the safety gear, the tools and the know how to do it right. Surveillance cameras can be invaluable for a business's security. Warehouses are just one place that cameras can pay for themselves quickly.

Wouldn't you like to know who's accessing your valuable inventory? Are your employee's taking proper care of your important products? Let us install a CCTV camera system into your warehouse today and you'll no longer need to wonder.  Not only do these cameras deter problems like internal theft and shoplifting, they do a lot more. A quality system, installed professionally, will identify and hold people accountable when accidents or losses do occur. So contact us today and put an end to these types of problems. Its money well spent.

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Commercial CCTV Installations in Retail Stores

Spy Security Inc. has installed hundreds of cameras in retail locations around Vancouver. Whether you own a mom and pop shop in West Van or a large grocery chain in Burnaby, we've got the CCTV equipment and services you need. Buy a CCTV package and do it yourself, or call us today to come on site for a Free Installation Quote. While we are there we would be happy to remotely show you some of our other local camera systems at work.  We are a full service CCTV company with everything you need to keep your store safe and secure for years to come. We look forward to hearing from you.