ECO Friendly CCTV environmentally friendly cctv installations


Deciding to install a CCTV camera system in your home or business can seem complicated.  As a result, you may not consider the eco-friendliness of your security decisions. However, today’s new technology is allowing us to offer environmentally friendly CCTV services. Spy Inc will improve your security results and significantly reduce the amount of energy these security systems use.  Including how much energy you use to power alarm systems and CCTV camera systems. Eco-friendliness and the technology behind many security systems are now becoming natural partners.

Spy Security Inc. also sees the wisdom of recycling materials from outdated systems. We reuse or recycle everything we can. Any old precious metals, electronic and electrical components are recycled. We keep repairable parts and recycle all packaging materials. By doing so we keep a lot of waste from ending up in our landfills.


Spy Security Inc. is based in Vancouver BC. We are an environmentally friendly CCTV Company. We recycle all used boxes, plastic packaging and Styrofoam. If you have existing cameras or old video recorders that no longer work, no problem. When we upgrade your camera system the old equipment will be returned to an electronics recycler free of charge. Our installation or conduit piping left overs are either kept for future installations or brought to a metal recycler. If we update or replace your video hard drive, it will end up back to our supplier for refurbishing or recycling. Alarm batteries, remote batteries and UPS’s are always returned for refurbishing to our local suppliers.


We realize that no small business can operate without generating some waste.  However, Spy Security Inc.’s aims is to reduce as much waste as possible. We strive to keep all unneeded materials out of our local land fills. When you deal with us you can trust that any old equipment or installation materials will be dealt with in an environmentally friendly way. We also offer resale of some still working used equipment. This is a great option for customers on a very tight budget.

Environmentally friendly CCTV services

Consider us if you are looking to upgrade your existing CCTV camera system. We are an Environmentally friendly CCTV services. Trust that your old equipment will always make it to the recycler.  During your CCTV installation we will always try to use your existing wires. We’ll try and keep whatever else is still up to code and functioning whenever possible. Not only does this reduce waste, it also saves you money.  Certain parts of a camera system have a shorter life than others. We’ll always make the most of what you have. This will ensure your system is set up to supply you with maximum benefits for as long as possible.

If you still have questions or would like to set up an appointment for a free upgrade estimate contact us today.  For questions about recycling of your old electronics in greater Vancouver, contact Encore Return it.