Surrey CCTV Installation Services

Our Surrey CCTV Installation Services have been offered for over 20 years. Not just camera installations. We can also troubleshoot your existing CCTV Systems anywhere in Surrey. Most importantly, solutions are available to any CCTV problem or networking issue you are having.

So let our licensed professional installation team set you up with a system that works.  We offer both interior and exterior camera installations for homes and businesses. Our cameras are vandal resistant, tamper resistant and have amazing night vision. Similarly, we do covert pinhole installations. Every large camera manufacturer’s products are available at competitive prices.  With camera options that can fit into almost any budget, now is the time.  Residential, retail and commercial camera installations done right everywhere in greater Vancouver.

Our Surrey CCTV Installation Services

Call Spy Security & Supplies Inc today at 604-990-6667 to arrange a free onsite estimate.  All of our professionally installed CCTV systems now include up to 3 years warranty. This includes security cameras and digital video recorders. With a population of over 500,000 people, Surrey is now the second largest city in BC.  As a result of its large population and physical size Surrey has its share of crime.  Like Vancouver, and most large cities in Canada crime is problem in Surrey.

Studies show that security cameras help identify crimes and criminals. They can also act as a deterrent to crime and are an important part of any security plan.  Modern IP and HD camera systems can now pick up license plate numbers of vehicles at a distance. They give you recognizable features on suspects and ultimately give police information they need to solve crimes.  Don’t wait until you’ve become a victim. Contact Spy security Inc. today for your free, no obligation estimate. For greater Vancouver or Surrey CCTV Installation Services call us first.


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