upgrade your CCTV system

There are millions of outdated CCTV cameras systems on the market today.  Many consumers wonder, when is it time to upgrade your CCTV System?  This can be a difficult question for the average consumer.  However here are a few basic things to consider as to when to Upgrade your CCTV System:

  1. Is the old camera system still working?
  2. How old is the current CCTV system?
  3. What is the resolution of your security cameras?

Is the Old Camera System still working?

The answer to this first question may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many camera systems out there don’t even record any more. Many times the owner of the system doesn’t realize that the DVR or NVR has actually long stopped recording. Its often only after a break in, theft or other incident that people realize there is an issue.  Clearly, thats too late.  One of the first things to go on a CCTV system is the hard drive.  When this happens your monitor may still show your cameras but thats only the live view. In actuality, nothing has been recorded. If you aren’t sure if your system still working right, contact a security professional near you to verify.  For a small cost they may be able to get everything recording again or upgrade your CCTV System.

How old is the current CCTV system?

One easy way to know is it time to upgrade your CCTV camera system is to find out how old it is.  Typically, a good quality professionally installed CCTV system will run for 5 to 10 years with the proper maintenance.  If you’ve done no maintenance in over 3 years or if your system is over 10 years then its most likely time to replace it. Another reason to confirm how old your system is relates to how video technology has changed over the past 3 to 5 years. Newer systems are not just higher resolution, to allow for greater details on recorded events, but also much more user friendly. Do you spend hours searching for events and even longer trying to copy it? If so, its time to upgrade it. Can you record on motion? Can you see it on your smart phone? Do you get alerts on triggers? Can you zoom in and make out a face? If the answer to any of these questions is no then its likely time to upgrade your CCTV System

What is the resolution of your Security Cameras?

You need to know what the resolution of your camera system.  If you phone the police to report a recorded event, they will ask. The reason is that many security camera systems that are still in use today are using old analog technology.  Analog cameras, even the best, are no greater than 1/3 of a megapixel.  Current camera systems are usually a minimum of HD (1080P), 2MP or higher.  There are also many 3MP, 4MP and 5MP cameras available today that are the same price of analog cameras from 10 years ago.  The difference between an analog camera (ie. 960h, 800TV Lines, etc.) and an HD 1080P system is significant.  1080P (2MP) is 5 to 6 times higher resolution than an analog system.  Video quality differences are so significant that many police departments won’t even look at an event recorded with an analog system. Canadian courts are starting to insist on high definition (1080P or higher) video in order for recorded events to be used as evidence.

Obviously there are other things to consider before deciding to upgrade your camera system? What is your security budget? What type of system do you have? Is your old system still supported by the manufacturer or installer? Does the app still work or is there one? Have the police suggested you upgrade your CCTV System? Are your old cameras going fuzzy? Can your old camera system still see at night? Is your DVR beeping constantly? Do cameras come on and off for no apparent reason.

For help or assistance with your existing system or to find out what it would cost to upgrade to something current, contact Spy Security & Supplies Inc. today.